Thursday, February 18, 2010

Improving Communication Skills Lesson 8 Manual 2

This week I will be teaching lesson 8 which is "Improving Communication Skills".  Great lesson which I hope the girls will take & use in their everyday lives.

I like this game idea that I found on
"My counselor gave this lesson today and it was really, really good. She handed each of us a blank piece of paper and had us write a complete sentence. Mine was ~ The boy jumped over the moon. Then we passed that sheet of paper to the person on our right and they illustrated our sentence. Then they folded over the sentence "the boy jumped over the moon" so that just their picture was showing and passed it to their right. Then that person had to write as sentence describing what they thought that picture was saying. And then we opened them up and returned them to the original person. It was a very effective object lesson, and the girls really enjoyed it. (Shared by Angela Paladeni) "

My handout this week will be this:

I'm not sure what I'm going to attach to the handout yet, but maybe I can find some kind of candy cell phone.  Any ideas???  If you have an idea, please leave it in my comments for all to see!  :)  Or maybe just a homemade goodie would be nice.

Please feel free to use my handout in your classes as well.  Just save it to your desktop & print it from home or I recommend printing it at Costco as a 4x6 with lustre finish.  Any questions?

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Alston said...

That article was good. I believe many would be benefited with that. I did a course on communicating effectively during my business Presentations. Its from Fast Track Tools through an e-learning cd.


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