Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shoe Invitations & Program Covers

Since the mutual theme this year has been "Standing in Holy Places", we've used shoes a lot.  I'm receiving requests for shoe program covers and invitations.  I deleted all my wording and am making it available for you to use.  Just pick some nice fonts and add all your own details.  These are pdf files ... please let me know if this set-up is not working for you - if several people tell me it's not working, then I'll change things up.

Just as an example, here's the invitation I made for our YW in Excellence.  I used 3 different fonts to add some variety:

Go HERE to see the invitation I made for New Beginnings ... very similar.

The following links will allow you to get the PDF files for the invitations/program covers.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Fall Break

The kids got out of school at lunch time on Friday and we enjoyed our weekend ... crepes, soft pretzels & 4-berry sundaes at Sam's Club, violin classes, Sonic, Sunday Roast, bike rides, crafts, etc. Today was the first official day of Fall Break & Daddy's day off work ... YEA!  We got up somewhat early so we could be to the zoo by 8am and enjoy the zoo for an hour before it officially opened - best time to go!  We stayed at the zoo for a few hours ... until it got too hot & our legs wouldn't carry us anymore.  After lunch, we went to the library for a while, went to a nearby outdoor mall (including a stop at the Apple store to play), & had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (the kids love it, but I hope to never go there again!).  Two of the three kids fell asleep in the car on the way home ... that means it was a good day!

We are loving the perfect fall weather we have here ... in the 80's and lots of sunshine.  We hope to do lots of outside playing this week!!!

In other news, our house plans have *FINALLY* been approved by our town ... it only took several months....  And I think we've decided on a general contractor.  Now we have to finalize our budget and do lots of bank paperwork before we can break ground.  Maybe by Christmas time we can start digging.  My fingers are crossed!!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inn Crowd or Stable Few YW Christmas Gift

I'm getting messages every day from people that want information and printables to make this gift.   We put together a "Christmas Extravaganza" last year for our young women.  Go HERE for more details.  We wanted to end the night on a spiritual note and with a small gift for the girls to take home.


We bought 2x4-inch wood & had the store cut the blocks. We enlisted in the help of several ladies and painted the blocks black fairly quickly.  We chose the sand the edges of each block a little bit for the worn look.  Mod Podge (I recommend going with a matte rather than glossy Mod Podge) was used to attach the photos & then a bow was attached to the top with a fancy-looking nail type thing.  I've also seen blocks like these where the ribbon is wrapped around the outside of the whole block and then tied a bow at the top.  I'm sure there are oodles of options.

Costco is my favorite photo developing place for something that's quick & easy for most people.  (They ship, too!)  Regardless of where you go, get a luster/matte finish ... the glossy option will make it hard to read the wording.  All files should be printed as a 4x6-inch photo.  We wanted to have a border of wood showing around all 4 sides of our photo, so we used the file that makes two sets of the quotes per 4x6-inch photo.  If you use the 2-per-page option, cut the white strip off of the bottom and then cut the photo in 1/2, so you'll have two photos, each about 3x3-7/8 inch.

**Please feel free to download & use my designs for non-commercial use only.  I'm letting you use it for free, so you can not sell my design in any way, shape, or form. :)

If something isn't working or is not clear, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to help!!

**Update:  I've had a few people leave comments & say they are having trouble converting the PDF to a JPG file.  I've uploaded all 3 files to Flickr, so try these & see if they work better....

inn crowd or stable few 2 inn crowd or stable few 2 with 2 inn crowd or stable few 1

**Instructions for the JPEG/Flickr option:

1.  Click on one of the three thumbnails above for the photo/printable that you desire. The enlarged photo/printable should open for you in Flickr. *Note that the last photo has a different font.

2.  Right-click on the enlarged photo that opened in Flickr.

3.  Select "ORIGINAL".

4.  A new page with the photo should open in Flickr.  Towards the top, find where it says, "Download this original size of this photo" and click on that.

5.  At this point, you will choose what program you want to use to open the photo or where you'd like to save the photo on your computer.

6.  Once the photo is saved on your computer, you can upload it to Costco's photo department or any photo-developing website of your choice.

Two Printables per 4x6-inch photo (you will end up with two 3x 3-7/8 inch photos) :

4x6-inch of printable (you will need larger blocks of wood for this option):

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