Thursday, April 21, 2011

Young Women Mother-Daughter Activity + Cupcakes

Our annual mother-daughter activity was held in my backyard.  The girls & moms played get-to-know-you games, cooperation games, and enjoyed each other's company.  Everyone seemed to have a great time!  We just put large tables & chairs in my grass with yellow roses as our centerpieces.  Hubby hung lights & lanterns for us ... when the lights go up, it makes me want to have a backyard party every single night just so I can sit out under the lights!  One of the YW leaders is a professional photographer, so we had a fun photo booth ... if she posts photos online, I'll give you a link to check-out.

I was in charge of food, so I decided to do mini-cupcakes.  I ended up doing four flavors and actually one was not really a cupcake, but I wanted to make sure I had something that appealed to everyone.

I have a favorite (& pretty easy) chocolate cupcake recipe that I top with a bittersweet chocolate-sour cream frosting.  This is always a hit, but I think it got overlooked with all the other fun & different flavors.

The other three flavors I made were all new recipes so the girls & moms were my guinea pigs for the night.  Everyone absolutely loved all the cupcakes, asked for recipes, told me I should be on Cupcake Wars (which I had never heard of before that night), etc.  Sometimes we take a chance on a new recipe and it's a flop, but I think these three were winners ....

First up ... I wanted something fruity ... Blueberry Muffins topped with fresh lemon curd and a little homemade whipped cream.  This was a favorite cupcake of LOTS of people, which kinda surprised me.  Some feedback I got was that without the lemon curd, this cupcake would've been too much like a muffin & that the fresh-homemade lemon curd (courtesy of my mama!) totally made the cupcake.

Second up was Peanut Butter & Jelly!!  I don't think I would have normally tried this recipe.  PB is just OK for me, but the recipe looked fairly simple and I thought this would be something that was different from the chocolate and blueberry that I had already made.  I also thought it might appeal to the young girls.  Again, everyone loved them.  It totally tasted like PB & J sandwiches, only better!

My final cupcake flavor, that wasn't really a cupcake, was Oreo cheesecake.  This was another flavor that people kept saying was their favorite.

So...there ya go.  The polka-dot cupcake liners were purchased at Michaels.  If I remember correctly, they sold mini & regular size liners with that design ... they also had hot pink which I didn't photograph.  For the whipped cream, I used cake decorating tip 1M, but a 2D will turn-out similar.

Recipes for blueberry, PB & J, and Oreo cheesecake are from our good friend, Martha Stewart!  I can only find one of the three recipes online, so if you'd like to give the PB & J cupcakes a whirl, go HERE!  They'd be very popular at a child's birthday party!!

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Anonymous said...

How cute! I especially like the purple cupcake papers!

Lizzy said...

What fabulous cupcakes! I love your mother-daughter activity..such fun! I'm your newest follower...found you via your mom (although I may have popped in before for FFwD :)).

Gabriela said...

Loved the cupcakes! How fun! would you by any chance be able to provide what kind of get to know you games and cooperation games you played at your activity?

Kathy said...

Gorgeous Cupcakes!! Your mother-daughter activity sounds like such a fun thing!! Making memories..I love it!!


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