Thursday, May 12, 2011

Amazing Grace with the EVMCO

If you've been debating the upcoming East Valley Mormon Choral Organization's patriotic concert, now is the time to get your tickets.  Last night, all remaining tickets were reduced in price.  Tickets were $15-35, but are now $10-25 ... that's a nice savings!  They've never done anything like this before!  We want community members to come & feel uplifted by the power of music.  **This is the LAST patriotic concert that the EVMCO will be performing for a number of years, so please don't miss-out on this opportunity.

Come see Collin Raye perform with the EVMCO!

Come see an all-volunteer, full symphony performing on a professional level!

Come hear the sweet children (starting at age 4) sing with voices like bells!

And the adult choir is outstanding!!

I promise that you will not leave this concert feeling uplifted and proud to be an American!!

I posted this on my previous post, but HERE is a video promo for the concert.

Just to get you excited, we will be performing this song ... bagpipes & all!

I hope that's it's OK to share this ... it is a comment that was left on my blog about a year ago after our May 2010 patriotic concert:

"Such an amazing concert! I was tearing up with the first song. I'm super jealous you played with William Joseph!! His violinist was also phenomenal! I was reminded how much I love music and how much I wish I would have continued practicing these last 10 years, so maybe I could even think to try out for an orchestra like that :) I'm curious what was your favorite piece you got to play? I LOVED them all. Your little Penguin was adorable. I watched her soldier in and sing her little heart out :) Congrats and thanks for telling me about it."

After I performed in CA with our sister group, the OCMCO, one member of the audience started talking to me outside of the concert hall.  He shared with me how impressed he was by the concert, how he was considering driving all the way to Salt Lake City (from Orange County, CA) to see the concert performed again, and he even compared us to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 

Hope to see you next Saturday, May 21 at one of our performances ... 5:00 or 8:00.  Tickets can be purchased online HERE.

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The Tiffany's said...

I wish we could go to that one too!

April said...

I really loved this concert! The orchestra was so beautiful, you did such a great job. And then the choirs (especially the kids!) were wonderful. :) To top it off, Collin Ray was so good, I got the chills and tears in my eyes when hee sang. It was such a lovely night, I am so glad I was able to attend. Thank you!

Rob and Ashley Seymour said...

Hey Becky! just wondering how you all are doing? Crazy about your rental. What areas are you all looking in? Hope all is well!


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