Monday, November 14, 2011

the Tooth Fairy is Coming Tonight!

I didn't lose my first tooth until a few months after my 7th birthday.  A few days ago, Peacock announced that she had a lose tooth ... at first I didn't believe her and I thought she was just trying to be big like her older sister.  Sure enough it was wiggly!

This morning she was really bothered by that wiggling tooth in her mouth and she started telling me that she wanted her dad to pull her tooth.  I wasn't really buying it because I thought we'd get down to the dental office, there'd be lots of drama, and we'd go home with a wiggly tooth still in her mouth.

At lunch, she was chewing on her fingers (she's also in the process of growing 3-4 new molars) and still complaining about the wiggly tooth.  I think she just had too much going on her in her little mouth and she really wanted to get rid of one problem.  After lunch we hopped in the car and went to see the dentist.

There were a few tears, but she never chickened out.  The deed was done and she is now awaiting her first visit from the Tooth Fairy!  Exciting times for my girl!!

{Peacock ... exactly 2 weeks after her 5th birthday!}

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Kathy said...

How sweet! Two of my grandchildren are losing teeth regularly these days! While I was sitting one of them I had to call the tooth fairy!

Reed and Andrea said...

How exciting!!!!!

cherryl said...

aah, that hole in her gums made my mouth hurt! I totally remember all those weird pain/feelings of losing a tooth. Hopefully the toothfairy has a better memory at your house then ours! ha ha.

Eddie Storms said...

Hmm, what camera did you use for the shot? The angle of those shots are great, and the editing of the pictures are top notch! The black-and-white effect is very effective. Well, good thing for Peacock to have her teeth removed. But it looks like she has a healthy set of teeth, though.

[Eddie Storms]


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