Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Family Time

After swim lessons today, Hubby & I dragged the kids around town to run some errands.  Somewhere along the way, we met up with my sister and daughter to do some shopping together.  While we were in Target, it started pouring rain, which is very unusual for us here in AZ.  I needed to run into Barnes & Noble, so Hubby got to sit in the car with all the kids ... looks like they had fun with my camera while I was away. :)

{Good thing my niece usually likes all the attention she gets from Peacock & Turkey}

{Peacock LOVES babies ... she will be the best babysitter and mom someday!}

After errands we met up with more family to celebrate a birthday & Turkey was excited to get into the cowboy saddle.

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1 comment:

Ruby's said...

This looks so sweet. They sure seem to have fun.


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