Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Your Happily Ever After // Your Once Upon a Time

It's already been a few months since I was asked to work with the young women (YW) in my area as the secretary of their organization.  I have mixed feelings about this secretary job.  It's the 5th time I've been a YW secretary (in addition to four other YW callings, so I know the pros & cons of other callings), and there are things I love about this position and other things that drive me nuts.  So far, this time around is proving to be a similar experience ... still love the same things and I gotta work on those things that drive me nuts ... or just learn to let them go. But I always have fun and enjoy the girls so much!!  I've been busy with lots of jobs and we are getting ready for our upcoming "Christmas Extravaganza"!!

My first big project as secretary was to make handouts to go along with a lesson that our president taught one Sunday.  The lesson was great & based off of  Dieter F. Uchtorf's talk Your Happily Ever After.  I also picked up his book, Your Happily Ever After, a while back in Costco.  If you follow THIS link, it looks like you can get the book for FREE on your Kindle.  Our president took the letters that spell the word royal, and came up with an acronym type thing to go with each letter of the word.

R - rely on your relationship with the Savior {D&C 38:7}
O - obedience to God's commandments {D&C 25:15; D&C 14:7}
Y - yearn for & keep sacred temple covenants
A - act upon spiritual promptings
L - love yourself & others

Now for the handout ... I'm considering getting these blown-up & framed for my daughters' bedrooms because it's such a great message for girls of all ages ... even grown-up girls. :)  For handout purposes, we got them printed as a 4x6" print at Costco using their luster finish (DO NOT get glossy!).  If you want to blow-up the handout, then stick with an 8x12", 12x18", 16x24", etc.  Costco has AWESOME poster sizes too and it's printed on a thick, almost cardboard, type paper.  I highly recommend it if you are wanting a print that large.  I got an equal number of prints of each of the color combinations.  I was worried that the one that's more pink wouldn't be as popular as some of the others, but ALL color combinations were very popular among the girls & leaders in our ward.

**Instructions for getting the JPEG/Flickr files for this handout:
1.  Click on one of the thumbnails below for the photo/printable that you desire. The enlarged photo/printable should open for you in Flickr. 
2.  Right-click on the enlarged photo that opened in Flickr.
3.  Select "ORIGINAL".
4.  A new page with the photo should open in Flickr.  Towards the top, find where it says, "Download the original size of this photo" and click on that.
5.  At this point, you will choose what program you want to use to open the photo or where you'd like to save the photo on your computer.
6.  Once the photo is saved on your computer, you can upload it to Costco's photo department or any photo-developing website of your choice.

You are a daughter Subway art pink red yellow
You are a daughter Subway art gold purple red gray
You are a daughter Subway art puple gold turq gray
You are a daughter Subway art red turq black gray

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Ruby Manchanda said...

Your handouts are cuties :)

Jen said...

I loved that talk! We did a yw in excellence based on it. It was super cute. thanks for the link for the free kindle book! I am excited to have it! and cute handout! I bet the girls loved it!!

Joanne said...

I love your printable! Would you please email me the file? We'd like to use it for our Young Women in Excellence evening. I'm the YW secretary in Abbotsford, BC (just outside Vancouver).

lmg said...

Love the prints. Would you please email the file?

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Img - please leave another comment with your email address. I won't publish your email address. Thanks! FNO

Laura Sawyer said...

Thank you for these, just what I want for my granddaughters!

Brooke said...

I would love to share these with my Young Women, but can't get flicker to cooperate. Could you email me the file to download them?

Thank you so much!

Rachel said...

I am using this in my YW lesson tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to share it!!

Conway 2nd Ward Enrichment said...

I would love to use these, but can't get flicker to cooperate. Could you email me the file to download them?

Thank you so much!

Keri said...

could you please email me the file?
I would love to use for activity days!

Keri Duke

Keri said...

I would love to use these for activity days! Could you please email me the file?

Keri Duke


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