Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Raise the Bar: Self-Portrait

I came across a message on Facebook posted by my friend Libby ... she's hosting a photo challenge this year ...  one theme per week.  Maybe I'm too late to join the fun, but I still wanted to try this week's challenge because some of the other photographers had some fun results that inspired me & my cameras have been growing too much dust. Week one is the dreaded self-portrait.  To me, a self-portrait is nothing more than a crap-shoot cause I'm not behind the camera & able to see what's going on.  I fiddled around with my camera for a bit & gave-up because nothing was working how I wanted it to.  Tonight after the kids were in bed, I stuck my camera card into my computer and this one was my favorite:

To check out the results of some other photographers, go to Libby's blog!

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libby said...

I love it Becky! What fun movement! The next link party starts at midnight... I'm so excited to see your stuff!

shellyjean said...

I think it's beautiful.


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