Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

My Beautiful Girls
Easter 2013

Grand-kids {minus the youngest two}

Easter was a busy day at our house.  Peacock & I stayed up the night before scrubbing her head and then straightening her hair - her favorite new style!  Sunday morning we got up, went to "Daddy's Choir" (as my kids call it) ... Daddy directs the choir at our church, Penguin sings, and I subbed on the piano because the regular pianist was out-of-town this past weekend.  Daddy was VERY nice and made our family Nutella french toast with fresh strawberries for breakfast.  Then we were off to church where Daddy's choir performed two songs and we enjoyed wonderful speakers and lessons.  My parents, brother, and niece attended church with my family - they are great to support us in all our little music performances.  I was especially excited to have my brother attend church with us.  I haven't seen him in church since we blessed Turkey over 5 years ago.  He's been going through some hard things in his life, but he working hard and I see huge differences in him - he's seems happier now than he has been for a very long time.  I was also in charge of teaching all the young women (girls 12-18 years old) for about an hour.  I made a video presentation with video clips, music, etc that all related to Easter and Jesus Christ.  The girls came into the room in silence and we didn't have any talking until after the end of the video.  It was a great opportunity for all of us in the room to take time to ponder and reflect on the meaning of Easter.

After church & a couple photos, we finished up our cheesecake dessert and then headed to my parents' home for an egg hunt and traditional Easter dinner.  The kids had fun playing with all their cousins and enjoying the beautiful weather.  When the festivities wound down for the evening, Hubby & I snuck away to go visit my sister and her newest baby in the hospital for a little while.  Busy, but great day!

{Photos by me & my brother Ryan}

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Ruby Manchanda said...

That sounds like a great cozy celebration

Reed and Andrea said...

Sounds like a fun day!! I love the pictures!!

cherryl said...

I loved all the beautiful family Easter pictures! You are so great at that!


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