Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Counting Down

The countdown is on!!  Just wish I knew what day & hour I am counting down to!!

Early Monday morning I had a dream that I was in a large building ... it had an elevator ... each floor of the building had a different type of food.  One floor was Mexican, another floor Italian, etc but the floor I was trying hard to reach was the one that had mashed potatoes, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving type food.  

Early Tuesday morning, I was dreaming that Doc took away a can of Diet Coke from me.  He was teasing me in my dream, but I started crying (which isn't hard to do these days), but I woke up right away and was really crying.  Weird.  Especially since I don't even like Diet Coke.

Yesterday I had contractions all day.  Consistent and getting stronger, but not close enough together or painful enough to make me think it was time to go to the hospital.  Last night they did get closer together for about an hour.  I actually packed-up my sewing project and starting picking-up the house because I feared that sometime soon I'd be calling someone to come sleep at the house.  But by the time I went to bed, contractions for the day seemed to abruptly end.  Boo!

I'm kinda stressing because the baby was measuring large at my appointment about a week ago and I'm supposed to have an ultrasound in the morning to check the size of the baby.  I don't want to hear, "The baby is looking big.  We should induce."  I am very scared of being induced and all the extra risks that come along with not letting the body naturally let things happen.  So ... today or tonight would be a nice time for this baby to make an appearance.

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