Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Custom Home: Paint Colors

Today they started painting the interior of our home. Finallyyyyyyy!! I hated choosing paint colors, hired two interior designers (which wasn't really helpful), and still have lots of doubts. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be painting again once we buy some furniture and start living in the home. So if anyone out there is trying to pick paint, here are some that I liked...

Most of the interior of my home will be Smooth Stone (Glidden WN49). I like cooler colors and wanted something in the gray family.

My family room looked better with a warmer color and I needed something to go with my brick fireplace. The cold gray wasn't really doing it. I decided on Edgecomb Gray (Benjamin Moore HC-173).

Penguin wanted turquoise/teal/blue kind of color and BOY OH BOY she got it! Her room is Winter Escape (Dunn Edwards DE5750). It's a bit much for me, but I'm hoping her white bedroom furniture helps tone down the color a bit.

Peacock is my purple girl! Her bedrooms is Shimmering Sky (Dunn Edwards DE5960). I can handle her room a bit better but it's still very purple. I think we should've done a 50% of these colors to make them a bit lighter.

Because I'm a pink girl and my girls are obviously not, I needed to get my pink in somewhere. The girls' bathroom is mostly my Smooth Stone grey color, but on one wall (the wall with their cupboards & mirrors), we had it painted Spring Azalea (Benjamin Moore 2077-40)

Most homes have a paint color called Swiss Coffee for their trim. Too yellowish for me. I wanted a cleaner, crisper white. I chose Pure White (Sherwin Williams 7005). My kitchen cupboards, laundry room cupboards, master bathroom cupboards, girls' bathroom cupboards, interior doors, and all trim are in this color. I love how it turned out. (The photo below is not very accurate.)

Another color that I might add later but only liked it in rooms on the north side of my house is Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore HC-172).  It matches well with the smooth stone & edge comb gray.  I'd say it's a richer color with more gray than the edge comb gray.

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