Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Giving Away Grins

 We are proud of our Mister after a busy & productive weekend.  Hubby worked hard on Saturday to help open a new dental office in town.  To help promote their grand opening, they gave away free dental care on Saturday morning at their newest location in Mesa, AZ.

Over 200 patients showed up to receive free dental care on a first come, first served basis.  The doors opened at 8am, but the line started well before 6am.  At one point in the morning, I heard a patient called back to see the doctor.  As he walked past me, he mentioned to the assistant that he showed-up at 6:30am to get in line.  I glanced down at my watch ... it was 10:50am ... wow!  In 4 hours, several dentists gave free dental care to 55 people in the community.  Everyone else who was still patiently waiting got vouchers to come back another day for their free dental care.  In all, over $20,000 in dental care & $15,000 in ortho discounts were given away on Saturday morning.

The kids & I spent the morning at the party to give our support to Hubby and Grins Dental.  A special thanks to our friends & family who also showed-up to offer their support!!

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Judy said...

Wow. What a generous and kind thing for your husband and the other dentists in the office to do for the community.

Ruby's said...

Generous idea. And I like your family pictures. All three of them.

Stephanie Phend said...

love the picture of the dentist!!


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