Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time & Bakerella's Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Everyday on our way home from picking up Penguin from swim team practice, the kids start dreaming up all kinds of things they'd like for breakfast.  Monday they wanted Bushka's homemade granola, Tuesday it was doughnuts, yesterday it was cheesy scrambled eggs, and today they were after muffins. I knew once I got home, I could look at my Pinterest board & find something muffin-y with some chocolate.  A while ago, I pinned Bakerella's Chocolate Chunk Muffins.  Peacock & Turkey helped me make the muffin batter while Penguin went to change out of her wet clothes hide in her room and read a book in hopes that I'd forget about her so she could spend the morning reading.

Bakerella's Muffins were quick & easy.  From the time we got home, gathered ingredients, waited for muffins to bake, etc, we were sitting down to eat in less than hour.  I doubled the recipe and got 24 nice-sized muffins ... more than enough for us, some saved for Dad, a large plateful to a neighbor who recently had a baby, and some to our favorite swim teacher along with a surprise visit at her work along with kid-made thank-you notes.

First we mixed up the dry ingredients:

Then we mixed up the wet ingredients:

Time to mix everything together:

We filled 24 cupcake liners:

TIME for breakfast:

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Ruby's said...

This sounds yummy, and the photographs are so beautiful. I am pretty sure they must have tasted heavenly.

Kathy said...

These muffins look wonderful…my kind of breakfast!

CailinMarie said...

oh YUM! pinterest is the best for keeping track of "what I want to do"
and these look awesome! and I love that you made such a to do- taking notes to swim teachers and neighbors - what a great day!


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