Friday, February 1, 2013

Raise the Bar: Rule of Thirds

This week's challenge is rule-of-thirds.  I felt challenged by this even though sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of rule-of-thirds prison that I can't escape from.  I like to see that rule-of-thirds grid in my camera, on my computer screen, in my head ... you get the idea.  {If you have no idea what I'm talking about go HERE & note the photos in the center of the screen that have the flashing on & off grids ... that's what goes on in my brain when I grab a camera.}  I tried to think of something that I have three of ... like my 3 kids, 3 vases, 3...  

In the end, my favorite way to use rule of thirds is to put my subject to one side of the photo with a very plain & simple background.  I like things that are clean & un-cluttered.  My mom talks about her dream kitchen with a rack of pots hanging from the ceiling ... like Williams-Sonoma she says.  The thought of my dirty pots & pans hanging from my ceiling makes me cringe.  I'll build more closets & cupboards before I consider such a thing.  Sorry Mom. :)

Check-out the results of other photographers here.

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1 comment:

libby said...

What a beautiful black and white photo. That's my favorite use of the rule of thirds too--a tight shot full of emotion. Gorgeous!


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