Monday, February 18, 2013

Printable for New Beginnings - The Right Shoes

Last night I was a night owl :) & busy making printables for our upcoming YW New Beginnings program.  I thought I'd share what I'm working on sooner than later so that others who are planning a similar theme for their New Beginnings can use my printables, if they want. :)

{Go HERE for free shoe invitations.}

OK.  So ... First, right-click on the first image below & save it to your computer.  Print it out on any white 8.5"x11" paper ... I chose to use white cardstock, but photo paper will also be sturdy enough and work nicely.  (I don't recommend using regular printer paper - it will be a bit flimsy.)  I like more of a matte finish ... photo paper will just make it more glossy.

Depending on the punch, I have to trim some paper off of the bottom of my page so that I can center my punch around each graphic....

Center your punch around the each graphic & punch away....

** My graphics were made to work with a scallop punch with a diameter of 1.5" or 38cm.  A circle punch that's a very similar size should work too.  THIS is the punch I bought at Michael's a few days ago with a 50% off coupon, but any brand of punch should work as long as it punches a 1.5" shape.

As you finish each row, the bottom of your paper will look like this ....

Trim off the bottom again so your punch can reach the next row of graphics...

Use each graphic how you choose, but here is one idea....

Get some glue dots (probably NOT mini though), scotch tape, or a glue stick might work just fine too, and attach each of your circles to a skewer or lollipop stick and then stick it in your food.

I'm going to cut each of my wooden skewers (100-12"skewers are $0.97 @ Walmart)... probably into 1/3's so my sticks will be about 4" long.  Then I plan to stick some of these into mini cupcakes.  Probably not into every single mini cupcake, but maybe about 1/3 of my cupcakes.  The white lollipop sticks are nicer looking than skewers, but it will just depend on your budget, how many you need, & what you'll be doing with them.

Have fun!  If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to leave me a comment with your email address & I won't publish your comment.

Thank you to my Penguin for being my photographer.

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Nhoksayakham Family said...

Those young women are so lucky to have you! I think it's the cute little handouts, invites, decorations, etc that make young womens so special


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