Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Raise the Bar: Street Scene

Friday's photography assignment for the week was "street scene".  I've been wanting to document the progress of the street we hope to live on someday, but life gets busy & documenting our street never happens.  Friday brought us some nice weather, so I took my boy for a 3 minute drive to our future street and snapped a couple quick photos.  As of Friday, March 1, 2013, three houses are complete and four others are under construction.  I think three or four more houses are in the planning stages or are getting close to breaking ground.

So far this "little" project has been a lot of frustrations for me.  We've had to put our plans on hold a couple of times for various reasons, but in January we decided it was time to get moving on a home for our family.  On Feb 2, we met with an architect for several hours and by Feb 12, I had a 10-ish page document with pictures & links for what I want in each room of the house, the styles I like, etc.  I've bugged the architect a few times since then ... he told me he'd have something for us by the end of last week and then it was by Saturday afternoon ... he still doesn't have anything ready to show us.  I can't tell you how many architects I've contacted about designing a home (these are architects that friends & general contractors have used & recommended) and only 1-2 of them have responded to my emails, calls, etc.  Guess no one wants to make money right now ... or something ....  So, the waiting game continues.

Other street scenes can be seen here.

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Paradise Found said...

This sounds so frustrating! Have you made progress since posting this picture? We're moving finally as well and our first stop is figuring out how much we qualify for. Do you have a builder yet? *Emrie


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