Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wax Museum - Eleanor Roosevelt

Penguin participates in ALP. Every year they do a wax museum & the kids have a lot of fun.  Penguin choose to be Eleanor Roosevelt, so she wrote a research paper, put together a costume, prepared a speech, & found props for her presentation.  One evening all the ALP kids did their wax museum presentation for friends & family.  It was rather enjoyable to go around the room, push buttons, and watch cute kids "come to life" as they told about someone they had learned about.

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Nhoksayakham Family said...

I like how she's in between 2 boys, and their heads look like they slightly want to lean in closer to her. She's way too cute! Watch out for those boys!

cherryl said...

I am sure she was wonderful at it. She is such a mature darling little lady!

Yeah for the progress photographed in your "street scene"... can't wait for the progress that comes from you guys! And yes, I did just get word that another house is breaking ground in the next few days.

Reed and Andrea said...

How fun!! The 6th graders at our school just did this! its such a fun idea!


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