Monday, May 6, 2013

Twist & Shout

Peacock participated in a school concert Thursday night.  The entire 4th grade played about 15-minutes worth of music on recorders, which was pretty cute.

When the 4th graders were finished, the kids in grades 4-6, that choose to go to school early and attend choir, had their spring choir concert.  The choir kids sang songs from different decades and they did a great job.  I knew Peacock had a solo part, but she never practiced it at home.  I expected her to get up and sing in her sweet choir voice, but when this came out of her mouth, I about fell out of my chair!  I asked her where she learned to sing like this and she told me she sings under her breath with the radio.  What a hoot!


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1 comment:

shellyjean said...

I loved the soulful solo! I can't imagine teaching that many kids to play the recorder - even if it is just a few notes. Great Job!


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