Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Weeks & 2 Days

Exciting News
:  I'm due on the 4th of July!! Very fitting for our family.  Doc's birthday often falls on Martin Luther King Day, my birthday & Penguin's birthdays are both a few days before Christmas, Peacock's birthday is on Halloween, and Turkey was born about an hour before Labor Day and so his birthday sometimes falls on Labor Day.  I'm kinda hoping that the 4th of July is the big day or maybe the 3rd would be fun...just not the 1st of July cause that's my sister's birthday.  A patriotic name will definitely be considered ... let me know if you have any ideas!

Someone {nosy} at church asked me if we plan to adopt or have more kids.  I just said, "Oh, I don't know.  We talk about it.  I guess we'll see."  Today we saw all our extended families at various times.  Doc's family was an easy get-away.  We showed-up to see his brother bless his new baby and then snuck out the door right after the blessing.  My mom had planned a little birthday dinner for Peacock.  I felt myself getting kinda grouchy as soon as we arrived.  Too many desserts including frying of doughnuts going on which did not interest me in the least bit.  There was a fire going in the backyard that smelled extra bad to me and I had just washed & curled my hair that morning and I wasn't in the mood to wash my hair again because it smelled like smoke.  Dinner was OK but the fresh, raw veggies tasted unbelievable to me ... like I was eating a cuke & cherry tomato for the first time in my life!  I tried to grill myself a s'more but the chocolate was as hard as a rock ... grouchy feelings again. Then Doc started talking to my sister about maternity insurance ... I don't think she suspected anything but I just felt like I wanted to cut his tongue out. Argh!

I kinda feel like I want to tell one person that I'm pregnant.  One person that won't blab to anyone else but that I can talk to.  In some ways it's fun having a secret and maybe I'm not far enough along to start telling a bunch of people, but I'm also feeling a little lonely and like I have no one to talk to.

When I got home around 7pm, I just wanted to cozy up in my blankets and relax for the evening.  I've noticed that I like to be usually warm these days ... sleeping with extra blankets and waking up too-hot feels good for some reason.  I played a round of Skip-Bo with Penguin, helped get the kids in bed, and then tried to relax.  Doc made me a very small scoop of vanilla ice cream with some egg nog poured over it.  It tasted really good.  Then I played a round of Skip-Bo with Doc ... I am the Skip-Bo champ of the family.

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