Saturday, November 2, 2013

We're Expecting!

That's right!  You read that correctly!  Our family will be growing and a #4 will be joining us before we know it.

So ... even though I'm writing this post today, I won't be publishing it yet because right now it's just our (Doc & I) little secret.  I'm not quite ready to spill the beans, but I'm sure I will be soon.  I think Doc (that's what I've decided to call Hubby cause that's what he's called at work) isn't quite ready to tell anyone either but maybe a little more ready to tell family than I am.

This last week I was awake in the night a couple times not feeling very good.  Nothing too bad, but I just felt a little nauseous... it happened a few times in the car too... brief waves of feeling nauseous.  I had noticed a few other things going on that seemed a bit out-of-the-normal, so around noon today, I decided to try a pregnancy test.  I got my results a lot quicker than the 3-minutes it said it would take and I just sat and stared for a few minutes.  I wasn't really sure what I thought ... a combination of being nervous & excited ... for a few minutes, but I'm now 100% excited.

I took the kids to the fall festival at their school for a few hours.  Food hasn't been tasting/smelling very good to me all week.  I got myself an indian fry bread with beans, cheese, and other goodies.  It sounded so good and I haven't had one in years, but I'm glad Turkey wanted to eat most of it because it didn't taste so great.  I did find something that tasted good ... shaved ice ... with no syrup!

Doc didn't get home from work until about 9pm.  I knew I wanted to tell him right away but I didn't want any of the kids to hear.  Turkey & Peacock were already asleep but Penguin was following me around.  I finally told her to go watch a movie, so she left us in peace.  I tried to talk to Doc about work, what he wanted for dinner, etc but my armpits were getting sweaty & I was nervous to just tell him the news.  I guess I kept smirking and that was making Doc suspicious.  He finally asked if I had a secret and then asked if I was pregnant.  He was very excited to hear the news and hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe.

To celebrate, we got away to our favorite restaurant for a late-night dinner.  I got spaghetti and nothing had tasted better all week.  We also shared mashed potatoes (but I was worried they'd sit in my stomach all night so I didn't eat to much) and  dessert, but sadly it tasted too sweet to me.  I'll have to make a point to eat more spaghetti!!  Good thing cause that's been my favorite food since I was a baby.  On our way home, we stopped at Wal-Mart to get a few groceries, vitamins, and iron pills for me because I'm anemic and things got a bit scary with my iron problems during my first pregnancy.

Tonight as I was tucking Turkey into bed, I told him that he'd need to get up and showered and ready for church in the morning.  I also told him that we were going to go see his new baby cousin get blessed the next afternoon.  He started asking me why moms with new babies still have big tummies, so I tried to explain that best I could.  Then he wanted to know how babies get out of mom's tummies.  More explaining.  Then he proceeds to tell me that he needs me to grow a baby so he can have a baby brother.  At this point I'm feeling a little surprised and wondering if he can smell the growing baby.  I told him to ask Heavenly Father to send a baby brother when he says he prayers and that if a brother is supposed to come, then Heavenly Father will send one.  I asked him how he'd feel if Heavenly Father sent a baby sister instead of a brother.  He was very matter-of-the-fact about the subject and just declared that he'd have 3 sisters and he'd be the only boy.  I hope it's a boy, too.

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Reed and Andrea said...

My computer was being worked on for like a year... so i'm catching up and stalking your blog! :) Its so fun to read!


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