Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Women Manual 3, Lesson 3: Living the Gospel Daily

I'm WAY behind in blogging.  Over a week ago, I prepared and taught lesson #3 from manual 3 to my laurel class.  Yesterday our bishop taught all the youth and I was thrilled to hear the girls answering his questions using the things we had talked about the previous week when we did lesson #3 ... it's nice to see that something stuck AND that they were paying attention to what I was teaching them!!

I started my lesson by drawing a blank food pyramid on the chalkboard.  I had the girls help me fill it in.  (You can find lots of food pyramids online if you'd rather just print one.)  I then added another level of the pyramid to the bottom and we filled it in using things that we need to have in our daily life to stay close to God and the gospel.  HERE is where I got the idea for the spiritual-food pyramid.

I used a lot of Angela's lesson helps.  I like the questions she asks and they help the girls dig a little deeper.  I used her handouts as well and made copies for each of my girls.  We used the last 5 minutes of class to listen to the song, "I Need Thee Every Hour" while the girls filled in their goals for the week using Angela's handouts.  I'm glad I brought the music.  When I passed out the goal sheets, the girls immediately started chatting, but as soon as the music came on, they quieted down and got busy with their goals.

I used this LINK to make the suggested bookmarks.  I was worried that my homemade bookmarks might be a little childish for my laurels (16-18yr old girls), but they were SO excited when I pulled them out & immediately started talking about how & where they were going to use them.  The blonde girls in the class particularly liked them. :)  I laminated the bookmarks at home and added a little bit of bright ribbon to them.

You can also download this video & use it.  (You do NOT have to have internet access at the church if you download it to a laptop or ???)  I showed this video somewhat recently for a different lesson, so I opted not to use it this time around, but it's still a great option:

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