Monday, March 7, 2011

Eternal Families: Young Women Lesson 8, Manual 3

I have some YW lessons to catch-up on, but here's something that is quick & easy to share.  I did not teach yesterday when lesson 8 was presented, but because my laptop was used for this Power Point Presentation, I had it saved on my computer.  Our YW President showed the 3 slides ... first slide is the bulls-eye.  She explained that in archery, you still get some points if you are close and don't hit it right on the center.  The other two slides show a temple and a picture of Jesus Christ is the center and she talked about how not quite hitting your target/goal will not earn you points in those two scenarios.  For example, getting close to the temple and it's blessings is not good enough... you have to hit that goal right in the center in order to get those blessings or "points".

Here is the PPT slide show.  Ignore the slide with the spiders ... not sure why that's there.

Click on the underlined title below to download:
Man 3 Lesson 8 Eternal Families

Save the document to your desktop.  Double-click on the saved document and it should open in PowerPoint.  Once you are in PowerPoint, click on the "Slideshow" tab and then click on "From Beginning" and your slideshow should open.  Use the enter key to move forward in the slide show and the backspace key to go backwards in the slideshow.  Just make sure that you skip over the spider slide.  :)

After playing around with the file, I found this explanation:

What is this? Explain that although a bulls eye is optimum, people can sometimes win with enough outside shots once the points are added up.

Let’s say your girls are having an archery activity. You tell them to aim for the center, but sometimes you can make as many points you need to win by hitting close enough. You don’t always have to aim for the bulls eye to win. Coming close can count.

Now what if you tell your girls to aim for this? A temple marriage.
Or better yet, this? Coming unto Christ.

Is close enough going to good enough? When it comes to aiming for gospel goals close enough is not good enough. There is no way a young woman will earn enough points from outside shots to win the prize. Tell you girls to aim for the bulls eye.

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