Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Savory Cheese & Chive Bread: French Fridays with Dorie

I'm trying to play catch-up with my life this week.  I know I should've baked this bread about a week ago and posted on it several days ago, but....

Monday morning, the kiddies & I made a run to Trader Joe's because they always have great cheeses at very competitive prices.  I decided I wanted to make two loaves of this bread and try the recipe a couple different ways in order to go with meals that I'd be making on Monday & Tuesday nights this week.

One loaf was done with shredded Cheddar-Gruyere, cubed Gruyere, and minced chives.  My daughter was after me to make chili for dinner and I thought these cheeses and flavors would go nicely with chili.

The second loaf was made with grated Parmesan, cubed Gruyere, and minced basil ... I was going for Italian flavors in hopes it would go with the pasta dish that I'm supposed to post this coming Friday.

We all enjoyed this new recipe.  It reminded me a lot of the cheese puffs that we FFWD'ers made back in October.  The flavor of the bread also reminded several of us a lot of cornbread even though there was no cornmeal or anything corny, for that matter, in the recipe.  I tried another slice of the cheddar bread this morning after is was about 12 hours old and I liked it even more.  I thought the flavors and cheesy-ness was even better.  If I were to make this recipe again, I'd definitely go for a cheese like Cheddar over  the Parmesan.

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Anonymous said...

Both loaves look absolutely delicious! You get an "A" for effort!

Momma said...

I'm glad you made your bread...especially since we showed up at your house right after coming out of the oven. I agree with you ...I like the cheddar better...I liked our jalapeno cheddar the most...a little kick, but 1/2 the family liked the FFwD as written in the recipe the best...so I'm glad I made two also. Let me know how you liked the pasta...I'll try to make tomorrow...your breads were yum and beautiful, and as usual, your photos are great.


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