Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot Days of Spring

About a week ago ... before spring had even officially started ... it was rather warm here ... it was actually pretty hot ... over 90*!  The first swim of the year is always exciting and the extra hot temps last week made swimming and cooling off a must.  The pool water was about 72*, so still WAY too cold for me to even stick me feet in ... I'm spoiled ... but the kids enjoyed playing in the water and doing something different in the afternoon that we hadn't done in a while.

On the way to the pool, we stopped off for some of this:

It was like Peacock never left the water for the winter.  She is a dare-devil in the water and not scared at all of swimming around.  She is my best swimmer!!  She's always the first one in and the last one out.  On this particular day, she hopped out of the pool to take a few laps around the pool on her bike.  I guess a training wheel was lose and when she got too close to the pool, she & her bike fell right into the pool.  It didn't really phase her ... she just swam to the top of the water and over to the side and watched as we fished the bike out of the bottom of the pool.  Never a dull moment!

Turkey is always the first one out of the pool and off to find other things to do.  I think he takes after me.  He likes to stick his feet in to cool off a bit, but he's just not super interested in the whole swimming thing.

A hot AZ afternoon just wouldn't be complete without another treat to help us cool off!

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Paradise Found said...

Oh my goodness Peacock is looking especially gorgeous with the water drops on her face. Wheels and pools don't mix well. What a brave girl! I can't believe my kids are asking to get in the water already also. It's freezing.


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