Thursday, July 21, 2011

s'mores cake

For quite some time I wished & wanted for the Chocolate Cakes cookbook.  I finally caved & bought a copy for myself when it went on sale about a month ago.
Tonight we have an activity at church for all the ladies and I'm supposed to bring a favorite snack to share.  Instead of bringing a favorite snack, I decided to try a recipe out of my new cook book for s'mores cake ... s'mores seem to be very popular these days.

The recipe turned out pretty good, but  I wish I would've bought regular size marshmallows instead of the mini marshmallows.  (I should've read the recipe more closely before I went shopping!)  I tried adding extra mini marshmallows, but when all was said & done, I wanted more marshmallow in each bite.  I think I'll also try adding the marshmallows earlier in the cooking process next time so that they get a little more well-done ... I like my marshmallows burnt and chewy!  Oh, I and also subbed bittersweet chocolate for the milk chocolate which made my cakes pretty rich, but milk chocolate is kinda blah to me these days.

I give this recipe 3.5 out of 5 stars but I think I could give it more stars if I play with the marshmallows a bit.  This would be a way fun recipe for a child's birthday party or for a backyard camp out.

To try the recipe, go HERE.

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