Monday, August 8, 2011

EVMCO Registration is Open

Photo by Steve Porter

For my friends in the East Valley who have been considering the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization ... registration is currently open and new participants are being accepted.  Kids can start as young as 4 years old and adults are welcome to audition and participate in the adult choir or orchestra.

Children, adults, and families of all faiths & backgrounds are participating and enjoying top-notch musical experiences.  I've done a lot of music stuff around town and nothing comes close in comparison to the EVMCO.  I could go on for pages with reasons of why you should participate and I'd be happy to talk with individuals who are contemplating the idea.  I think kids (4-18 yrs old) can attend a rehearsal for free and with no commitment, if they'd like.

All three of my kids will be participating this semester and they are counting down the days until the first rehearsal.  This organization is one of the very best things my kids have in their lives right now, so we hope you'll join us!

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