Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Ivy

Late one night, several days past my sister's due date, she sent me a text to let me know she was at the hospital & finally in labor.  I was already in bed, but quickly made my way over to the hospital so that I could be present for the birth of my newest niece & take photos of the birth.  I wasn't at the hospital for too long before things got exciting ... but not a good exciting.  Machines keep sounding alarms, so a nurse finally came in & checked my sister & her baby.  After the nurse checked my sister, she said, "NO!" and ran out of the room.  My sister & I just kinda sat there & stared at each other, wondering what it the world was going on.  Her easy-going husband was sitting next to me on the couch and said, "Hey, now if something was really wrong there would be at least 7 doctors in here right now."  The door swung open and the nurses started pouring in ... my brother-in-law starting counting the number of people coming in & we started to realize something was not good.  Before I knew it, they were telling my baby sister that she had to have an emergency c-section & they we were racing her down the hall.  Almost immediately, I was left alone in a all-too-quiet room, feeling stunned, and too scared to even cry.  And then it was my job (because I was the only family member at the hospital) to call all our family & tell them what was going on.  I was shaking, but deep down I felt strongly that everything would turn-out well.  My mom came down with sodas and we sat & waited for news.  After about 30 minutes, we got a text that my sister & her baby were both safe & doing great.  I eventually went home & tried to sleep a little before I had to get up with my kids, but I was anxious to see my sister & her baby with my own eyes.

The next morning, my kids went to play at Bushka's house so I could go visit my sister at the hospital & meet her new baby.  We were bummed about all the photos that we missed-out on, but of course those things don't really matter and we still got a few fun hospital photos.


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Stephanie Phend said...

Love your photos! Even now Im still bummed you didnt get to take photos! but these ones are good too :)


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