Tuesday, March 30, 2010

General Conference for Kids

In a few days, we will have the privledge of watching our prophet and apostles speak to us during our semi-annual General Conference.

I thought I'd share a few fun things I found in my search to find some activities to keep my children happy & busy during conference.

First ... did you know that http://www.lds.org/ has a whole page dedicated to activities for children?  I didn't until today.  Go HERE to find online games and printable packets for kids of all ages.

More fun games & flashcards can be found HERE.

And then there is always the traditional packet ... HERE you can find the updated 2010 version.

I think Conference traditions are always fun and, like other traditions, give us a something special to look forward to.  Brunch and yummy breakfast foods are always fun.   We've done cinnamon rolls several times as well as crepes with pudding & fruit fillings.  I also enjoy something to keep my hands busy ... like a simple craft that I can quiety work on in the family room.  I feel like we've gotten out of the habit of conference traditions the past year or two though.  What are some of your favorite conference traditions?

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Rachel Hanchett said...

I heard this one from a friend of mine. She will pick and set out 15 different snacks and then on each type of snack there is a label with the name and picture of one of the first presidency or quorum of the 12, so when that person speaks then the kids get to go pick up that snack and eat it during that talk. She said her kid were very excited to see who was going to talk and eagerly anticipated the talk that would let them eat their favorite treat!


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