Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lost Wisdom

Tuesday afternoon ... a very dreaded day in my book.  I've been putting off having my wisdom teeth removed for 10-12 years.  I've always had a good excuse ... couldn't afford the procedure, nursing a baby, concerts, just adopted a baby, etc.  This time I had no good excuse or way out.

The first several hours after surgery are a blur.  I kinda remember getting into a wheelchair and getting lots of ahhh's as I went past the front desk.  (Hubby must've forgotten my request to exit out the back door by the dumpster.)  I remember sleeping on my mom's couch for a while and then trying to eat something around 8pm.  Everything made me want to puke.

I've had some improvement the past few days, but my brain still feels really foggy, all I wanna do is sleep and I had to stop taking those horse pills that are supposed to be pain killers.  All they did was make me jittery, sleepy, nauseous, dizzy, etc.  Some people have told me I'm crazy cause I don't want to take all I can of those pills ... I guess I'm just a control freak cause I'd rather feel the pain and be in more control of my body.  I got the puffy cheeks ... much more on one side, but they definitely aren't cute chipmunk cheeks ... just sagging & swollen face & neck.  I'll spare you the photos .....

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Cecilotta said...

Ow, I am sorry. I had to have mine out 2 weeks before we got was not good. And I agree, I have no idea what is so attractive about pain meds- they just make me feel worse! I hope you feel better soon!

The Tiffany's said...

I am totally the same way about those strong pain meds. If the pain is tolerable, I'd rather deal with it.
Nice that you got to be knocked out for it though- I had to get mine out about a month after we got married. There was no money for that- I was awake for all the cracking, pulling, cutting and drilling :0) And Tyler watched the whole thing- good times!
I hope you feel better soon!!


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