Wednesday, June 30, 2010

VIP Eclipse Party!

I was the lucky winner of a VIP package to a pre-screening of Eclipse (Thank you, Nordstrom!!), so I invited some of my besties & we had a much-needed girls night out!!  We watched New Moon first ... can I just say the theatre was like a zoo during this movie.  Hooting, howling, people constanting up & down, talking, cell phones, etc, but we did lots of laughing, giggling & had a great time making fun of the movie!

Eclipse was a different story ... the theatre was quiet ... except for when Jacob stated the obvious to Edward, "I'm hotter than you" and when Victoria's head got lopped off ... SO funny!  We had security in the theatre from Summit so I think that kept people in line a bit better.

The movies get better as they go, so Breaking Dawn better continue the trend!

Thanks for a great night out!!

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AudyCamp said...

Becky-that was really SO much fun...i think you guys made fans out of this non-fan girl. :)

and no I'm not pregnant people although the photo shows otherwise!!

Crissybug said...

It really was so much fun! Thanks for inviting me.


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