Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peacock!!!!

My Peacock ... what would life be without you?  Much quieter & somewhat boring, for certain!  Peacock celebrated her birthday this past weekend.  She is my Halloween baby.  Lucky for her, there are always parties, baked goods, candy, and tons of fun things to do on her birthday.  And then she usually gets to celebrate again, with family, a few weeks later after things settle down a little a bit.

Miss Peacock keeps me hopping.  She is independent & very strong ... both mentally & physically!  She knows exactly what she likes and how she wants things done.  She is definitely my most daring and determined child.  There is not much that she is scared of.  She loves to laugh loud, play hard, and sing with all her heart.  I'm counting down the days until she can join the EVMCO Young Singers Chorus and put her lungs to good use!

My peacock has a very kind & caring heart.  She adores babies and caring for younger children, especially Turkey and my sister's baby.  She loves being a girl ... she is happy to wear a dress or skirt everyday, Disney princesses are always on her mind, and she looks forward to having her hair done.  I thank my lucky stars that such a fun & precious girl is MINE!  Love ya, Babe!

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AudyCamp said...

I think of her every Halloween. :)


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