Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wise Use of Leisure Time: Young Women Lesson #43, Manual 2

I do have a Young Women lesson this week, for those of you who are interested.  Lesson 43 is about using leisure and free time as efficiently as possible.  This was a fun lesson to teach.

Instead of having a treasure box with photos of girls participating in different activities, I brought a bag and put things in my bag that represent activities that I like to do.  In my bag I put a piano book, a novel, a scrapbook, a cookbook, and a quilt.

When I was searching for lesson ideas on Sugardoodle's website, I came across this article about time management.  I made word strips and we discussed some of the main points of the article at the end of the lesson. (Minus point #8 in the article ... at the time I was preparing my lesson, it didn't seem like something I wanted to talk about during my lesson.  If you use my word strips in your lesson, #8 is not there, so you will have to also skip point #8 or make your own word strip(s).)

Word Strips for Time Management Article:

Man 2 Lesson 43 Wise Use of Leisure Time - Time Management Tips

Here is the quote from the lesson.  Just print it out and hang on the blackboard at the appropriate time:
(You may want to ask one of your kids to quickly color in the block letters.)
Man 2 Lesson 43 Wise Use of Leisure Time Quote

And finally, a little handout with a quote from C.S. Lewis:

When you cut these out, you can leave them as squares or you can play around with a large paper punch ... squares, circles, something with scalloped edges, etc.    I used a circle-scalloped edge punch that's probably about 3 1/4" or 3 1/2" in diameter to turn my squares into this:

I noticed one of the other teachers brought a nice mantle clock from home to display on her table.  It was a nice touch.

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Sharla Jordan said...

I came to your blog looking for ideas on the YW lesson I'm teaching this Sunday and saw Joel's picture. I know this is unique. But I was a firend of Joel and Tyler Tiffany. My name is Sharla Roberts Jordan. Tell him I said hello and congrats on becoming a dentist! If you wanted to catch up you can find me on facebook or email me jordanfamily7@msn.com


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