Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chocolate Truffle Tartlets - Tuesdays with Dorie

As I'm sitting here starting this post, I just glanced at the clock and it's already 11:23pm.  Geepers.  Where does the day go?  School work with 3 kids, cleaning 3 bathrooms, grooming 4 people, lunch at Sonic, trip to a vacuum store, errands at Wal-Mart, baking tartlets, trip to Grandma & Grandpa's house, trying a new recipe for dinner which took longer than expected, trip to Walgreen's for medicine, vacuuming, some serious kitchen cleaning after all our cooking & baking, piano practicing, laundry, and the list goes on!  Let's hope I can put together a quick post for my Tuesday with Dorie baking project for this week and hit the hay soon!

I made my dough yesterday.  It felt a little dry so I added almost an extra Tablespoon of ice water.  Today when I got my dough out, it was still feeling pretty dry, so I dunked my fingertips into a cup of water to moisten things up while I was rolling out the dough.  It helped.  The dough was a bit fussy, but easy to mend & I ended up making eight 4-3/4" tart shells (I think I could've made a 9th).  I was happy with how they turned out.

The fillings was easier to put together.  I almost always use Trader Joe's chocolate, but I decided to try a different kind this time around:

I'm not gonna make a special trip to buy this chocolate again.  It almost smelled a little bit like vinegar after it was melted.  Weird.   Since I now I have two empty tart shells on my counter and I think my six filled tarts could've been more full, next time I think I'll double the filling recipe.  For add-in's, I used white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, Oreos (in 3 tarts), and Trader Joe's Dunkers (in the other 3 tarts).

I was happy with how the tarts tasted, but the filling was definitely better than the crust. :)  The filling reminded me a little of a very dense brownie or flour-less cake.  My family enjoyed our tarts with a little Breyers vanilla ice cream.

Happy Tuesday!

For videos & the recipe, go HERE or HERE.

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Kathy said...

Your day sounds exhausting, but wonderful! Your tarts look beautiful! I bet the ice cream was wonderful with these very chocolaty, rich tarts.

Nana said...

The tarts look so delicious, I could eat one right now.
I'm glad Tricia made this week's recipe cause this
being Ash Wednesday, I would have a heck of a time
trying to resist this tart. Love the photos, great job.

Kris' Kitchen said...

I should have snitched a bite when we came to drop off the oranges, but I could see you were having a long day. I like other tart dough recipes better, but we like this filling which was fairly simple and really chocolaty. Lots of nice photos...fun to see what you girls have done.

Yummy said...

Definitely tastier filling than crust! Great post and photos!

pinkstripes said...

yummm...I love green and blacks. Your tart looks great!

Erin said...

My 15 year old daughter was looking over my shoulder as I read your post. She now wants me to remake the tarts with Oreos :) Yum!

onewetfoot said...

Your tarts have such a rich, chocolatey colour! I bet the kids enjoyed all your add ins, too.

Cakelaw said...

These are gorgeous little tarts! I love the photo of the chips and biscuit pieces - it looks so tempting. While I was on a flying work trip to the US last year, I bought some Ghiarderelli - am looking forward to trying it in a special recipe.

Lizzy said...

You are super mom!!! So glad you could squeeze in some time to make these tarts...definitely worth the extra time for the finicky crust (I had the same problem!). Hope you're enjoying your weekend~

Jessica said...

Lovely pictures, and glad you got a nice treat at the end of a busy day! Thanks for baking along with us this week.

Stephanie said...

I'm finally seeing your tarts :) I bet they were way better with dark chocolate. I thought mine needed to be richer for my taste buds. The oreos look yummy too!


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