Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Days New

Over a month ago, Hot Mama & I spent numerous hours putting this 10-day old sweet bundle of joy to sleep (again & again & again) so we could take a few photos.  I don't think Baby A appreciated her sleep being interrupted countless times as we moved & positioned her, but she was a trooper.

Hot Mama has owned this pot for a few years and we've been waiting for the right opportunity to put it to good use.  :o)

A couple weeks ago, Hot Mama came over & designed herself a baby announcement ... I think it turned out pretty cute!

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Stephanie said...

I'm gonna have to say you designed that cute announcement!

Mike and Madelyn said...

These pictures are INCREDIBLE!!! Why did you move a month before my baby was born???

AudyCamp said...

so cute!


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