Monday, April 12, 2010

Brain Quest

My favorite workbooks are by Brain Quest.  Their workbooks contain more than the usual math & language arts.  They have science, social studies, creative writing, etc all in one book.   Another product I've used with my kids are the Brain Quest cards which are available for ages 2-13 years old as well a variety of topics like Black History, For the Car, America, etc.  I usually buy Brain Quest supplies at Costco ...  Look in the book section for their workbooks & cards ... I saw some cards there today.  :o)

HERE is another mom's review of the Brain Quest cards.

Not only do these cards have great educational value, but they also help with bonding and one-on-one time.  I love to take my little ones, sit them right in my lap, and work on the cards with them while they are cuddled up close.

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Paradise Found said...

I bought one of these from Costco, started it one day with Miles, and then forgot about it. I'll have to pull it back out. Love the Brain Quest widget on the side.

AudyCamp said...

Haha...just bought some there a few weeks ago...I mean the Easter Bunny bought them there. :)Haven't seen you at Costco lately.


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