Friday, April 9, 2010


Wednesday evening I was busy making Mexican food for dinner.  When I went to find my bag of tortilla chips, it had disappeared.  I found these two pistols hiding outside under their slide with the whole bag of chips just munching away.  Good thing I had just picked up a new super-size bag of chips from Costco the day before.

The Easter Bunny found our house last weekend, but this year he didn't bring any candy.  After several egg hunts, I guess the bunny thought we had had enough sugar at our house for a while.  Instead he brought new Crocs (well, knock-off's of Crocs) to each of the kiddies along with some cute charms cause that's why the kids really want them, right?  Can I just say that Crocs are not the cutest shoes around, but I deeply appreciate the person who came up with them ... all-season shoes (socks or no socks) that can be washed with a garden hose and that a 1 year old can put on & take off with no help ... amazing stuff!  :)

Forgot to add this photo to my Black Hair post yesterday.  Just incase to you want a closer view of some of the products I've been using recently.  It's all trial & error and I'm always trying something new. 

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Paradise Found said...

I have that love/hate relationship with crocs. Unfortunately my 2 oldest have wide feet, so crocs are their best option. I think you're a fun mom... dyed eggs or not :) My kids don't get the cute clippy-things.


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