Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanted: Job for a Dentist

I know a lot of my readers are probably in the looking-for-a-dental-job phase of life.  Anyone know of anything in the Phoenix area?  We've been looking for work for over a month now and have been unsucessful.  Hubby has walked into offices asking if they know of anyone who is hiring, contacted & visited lots of friends who are dentists & specialists, etc and we've had no luck.  We're willing to live anywhere in the Phoenix area as well as Prescott, Tucson & some other areas outside of the Valley, but we are absolutely 100% opposed to corporate dentistry.  I am not willing to move again for another corporate job.  For us, it has not been a good experience.

Maybe you know of a job for a dentist somewhere else in the country?  If we have to move again, we will be much more cautious & careful this time, but we're willing.  Hubby has had 5 denstists call him wanting to set-up interviews ... interesting that all 5 of those dentists are in the same state & within the same general part of that state.  A sign? I don't know.  Some places are begging for dentists, some places like AZ can't support another dentist.

We need to get serious about something quickly because starting Monday, hubby will be down to 3 days a week and those 3 days are not usually busy, productive days.  So, just putting all this out there in the blogosphere incase someone knows of something.

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Paradise Found said...

Luke has a friend in the business (old mission companion) and we also have a few customers that are dentists. I'll ask around. One of ours is swapping pool service and repairs for his teeth doctoring... I think we're getting the sweeter end of that deal. I would hate to be the one to help find you work so you move out of my area though!

kbhull said...

I am seriously shocked! I thought it was going well for you guys??? So where is the job opportunities? Email me and fill me in!!
Hopefully things will work out with an office that he really likes. So not fun to have to do it again:(
Still have not had any luck with our house so please tell me it will all work out!

Jenny Ramsey said...

funny story...i was looking up some ideas on sugardoodle for yw's and came upon your blog there...fell in love with it...consequently found this post....we live in richmond, va and i have heard of several dental offices hiring. if you want any info just send me an email good luck!!


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