Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brother is Here!

Today is my baby boy's THIRD birthday.  I just.can.not. believe that he is THREE years old!  He's my baby!!  I have to admit that a few tears were shed this week just thinking about his approaching birthday.  I never thought I could love & adore a little boy SO much.

{The following is copied straight outta my old blog & all. Some may have seen this post before. And just to clarify any confusion cause there seems to be a lot lately ... Frolicking Night Owl is my blog ... my only blog ... it is a public blog ... you can no longer see my old blog unless you're me or my hubby.  If you've still got my old blog on your reading list, it's probably pretty boring cause there's nothing there to see.  Anywho, I'm sorry I'm such a confusing person sometimes.}

Friday (Aug. 31 ... my due date) we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and walked around for 3 hours. I even pushed the double stroller the whole time so my mom could chase Penguin. No labor!

Saturday (Sept 1) morning we got up and went to the Strip District near downtown Pittsburgh. It's a fun place to walk around where you can find everything from Pixburg Stillers attire & knock-off sunglasses to garden fresh veggies & kettle korn. Afterwards, we ventured out to find a highchair for Peacock. We decided on an unfinished wood one that Bushka (my mom) is already working on.

On our way home we stopped at the Pittsburgh Galleria for lunch and more walking. At one point the contractions started getting so bad I couldn't walk anymore, which was a first. I finally got so miserable that we had to come home and take a break. Once we got home and rested for a while, I felt OK again and figured nothing would be happening cause contractions kinda died down again. Then around 9 or 10pm Saturday night, contractions started again. Some were strong, but most were pretty tolerable. Around 1am I fell asleep, but only slept about 3 hours cause I woke up to stronger, more consistent contractions. I couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up and played on the internet. By 8am, I felt like I couldn't stand the pain anymore and had a feeling we'd be making a trip to the hospital at some point during the day Sunday (Sept 2). We got cleaned up, finished packing my bags, and by 11am I was ready to get out of the house and get things moving.

When we got to the hospital, they checked me in triage and said I was dilated to a 5 and 75% effaced and in active labor. Oh ya, when I got checked that time, I was screaming so loud at the poor Dr. to "Stop It!" that my throat hurt afterwards. He told me afterwards that he had to go further in cause the baby had the cervix pulled over his head like a cape ... or something like that. I guess that contributed to the pain of him checking me.

They wheeled me into my LDR (labor, delivery & recovery) room. It was rather large room with everything we/baby needed. I dilated to a 6 somewhat quickly, but then kinda got stuck there so they gave me a drip of oxytocin and broke my water. That got things moving along and by 9pm I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push. Around 9pm, I also started shaking like crazy and got a fever, but once I started pushing the shaking pretty much stopped. At one point, my OB told me she was going to give me 30 more minutes to push and if the baby wasn't out then she would use a vacuum to get him out cause she was worried about my fever. Brother was born at 10:43pm (with no vacuum) weighing 8 lbs 1 oz. and he was 21" long.

{Remember when we used to all do those fancy-pants slide shows on our blogs.  Ya, well, here's Turkey's first 20 hours of life ... from my old blog again.}

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Paradise Found said...

Happy Birthday to your Turkey! Your pregnancy picture with baby Peacock on your tummy makes me laugh, sorry ;)

Reed and Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Turkey! We're glad to have you in the family!


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