Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Conference: Fun Printables

Check out Sugardoodle's website for packets ... they come in a few varieties for all ages of kids.  I think I'll be printing a couple copies of the nursery packet for my youngest 2 kiddies as well as the Sr. & Jr. primary packets for Penguin.  If you have a few minutes, follow some of Sugardoodle's links for Conference activities ... there are endless ideas for games, activities, worksheets, family fun, etc.

My mother-in-law sent me this packet (which I believe is also available on Sugardoodle's website):

I found this page of "stickers" to go with the above packet.  You can print them on a sticker paper or I'm sure most kids won't be opposed to being allowed to use some scissors and a glue stick.
Stickers Prophet Apostles Oct 2010
Finally, good food is a must for conference.  I haven't even thought about what I'd like to make, but I've usually made crepes or cinnamon rolls in the past.  Maybe an apple tart or something that's somewhat acceptable for breakfast. What are your favorite conference yummies?

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LAURA said...

HI! I found you last week looking for YW lesson ideas, love your blog.

My husband's family always does cinammon rolls for conference, we don't live near them now so I was going to make them....but saw them at Costco today and that looked much easier, so I sold out and bought them. It's fun to have traditions surrounding conference weekend.


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