Friday, September 10, 2010


One our favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, selected one of my photos for her current "Funny" assignment.  I was pretty excited to see one of my favorite smiles smiling back at me from her website!!  I was trying to figure out how many photos have been submitted for this assignment and I got to about the 7,000th photo & gave-up. Photos are chosen based on creativity, clarity, color, and how well the submitted photo falls under the assignment category, which is "funny".

My "winning" photo was this cutie:

So, everyday for 5 or 6 days, Pioneer Woman will select some of her favorites.  And then from her favorites she selects finalists.  I'm not sure if she takes into account how many people leave comments saying they also love my photo, so if you want, leave some love on her blog.

To see my Turkey in all his glory on PW's website, go HERE.

And just for memories, here are some of the comments that other people have left:

Pioneer Woman - “I die.” (To quote Rachel Zoe.) Precious. (I had to Google Rachel Zoe!)

Karen G -  And pink striped sunglasses with a suit and tie?! Oh my word, its Tim Gunn with a little Mondo flavor!! Uber cute!

Tabitha - Love the baby with the glasses and the suit!

Crystal - The last photo with the pink sunglasses…. what a schnookums!!

Angela - The last photo by Sir N. That child looks like a baby Sir Elton John! What a RIOT!

Diamondkelt - ... That last baby picture is hysterical though.

Krissy - What a great group of hilarious photos. The kids really make it. My favorite is the last shot of the baby in the suit and tie probably wearing his mom’s big striped pink sunglasses. And that smile…what a winner. I had a few good laughs out of this group, but that last baby really sticks in my mind.

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AudyCamp said...

That is such a Fantastic Picture! wonder she chose it!


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