Friday, September 3, 2010

Three in Review

{2 1/2 months old}

{10 months old}

{19 months old}

{27 months old}

{35 months old}

My turkey ... he's a funny little guy.  He has a "little man voice" ... it's kinda low & gravelly.   Caveman is his language .... Mom, ... want ... chock-it ... milk.  He adores trucks and becomes fast friends with anyone who owns one.  Curious is his middle name ... he's into & investigates everything.  I'll throw a party the day that he'll sit still long enough to watch a cartoon.  Some of his other loves are penpakes (pancakes), strawberries, eating in general, reading books, playing hard, helping (esp if it's in the kitchen), blankies, anything with a motor, driving while sitting on Daddy's lap, and all things boy.  Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy I know!!!

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Cecilotta said...

SO adorable. I love that red hair. Isn't it great how awesome these little boys are?

Crissybug said...

And to think you thought you only wanted girls. Your turkey is adorable as they come! He reminds me so much of my little man. Hope his birthday was fabulous!


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