Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty Queen

Sometimes I get in the mood to play with Peacock's hair.  Not often because it can become a very frustrating project, but yesterday I was feeling confident.  Peacock & I plopped ourselves onto the couch, turned on the movie Sense & Sensibility (yup, she watched the whole thing with me!), and worked on taking out her previous style.  We had a major set-back when her brush broke as I was blow drying her hair and my brushes combined with her hair just do. not. work. I tried to blow-dry her hair with a couple different combs ... we did the best we could.  I made some fat ringlets with the straighter and then she found a cute headband that she wanted to wear to church.  The style totally did not turn out how I had pictured in my head, but she got lots of compliments & big smiles.

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