Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Couple Tidbits to Ponder

On Monday, Penguin & I baked some luscious lime bars with chocolate glaze.  The recipe I was using had measurement options ... I could have used cups or ounces for my dry ingredients.  Just for kicks, I measured my ingredients with cups and the weighed them.  All my "cups" weighed more than what the recipe called for in ounces.  I decided to go the weighing route for this recipe, BUT the recipe turned out a little too gooey for my tastes.  I think I would have personally preferred the little bit of extra flour.  I'm anxious to try the whole weighing vs measuring thing again on another recipe just to see what the results are like. 

Also, I wanted to share this post from Scott Kelby.  Since I moved to AZ, I haven't had much time for photography jobs, but in the past, I always have people who wanted to order 8x10" prints.  This is an odd size considering photo are "meant to be" printed as a 4x6" ... or 8x12".  When you want your photographer to make you an 8x10, something is either getting stretched or cropped to make it that size.  The next time you are out shopping for frames, do your favorite photographer a favor & just skip over the 8x10's!

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1 comment:

Cecilotta said...

That is interesting, I had no idea!

Also...mmm, cake! I've been trying the measuring route lately as well, so far I'm not sure what I think. But, I don't mind experimenting in the name of cake!


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