Friday, August 6, 2010


My boy is quick to smile.  His grandma commented last week that he has a contagious smile ... I have to agree.  In his younger days when he'd always find his way into my bed sometime during the night, I used to love to wake up to his huge grin.  It made my morning!  My boy loves to be silly which brings out the silliness in others.  I think he loves the attention that his silliness brings, too. :)

The other night he was saying his prayers before bed.  Daddy was prompting him and helping him with what to say.  I was standing in the room listening and around the middle of the prayer, it went something like this...

Daddy: I'm thankful
Turkey: I'm fankful
Daddy: for my family.
Turkey: for chock-it milk.

We had a few giggles.  Gotta love his honesty.

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Margie said...

I love the prayer. Gosh, your kids are cute!


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