Friday, October 1, 2010

Gourgeres: Part 2

Tonight for dinner, we had leftover potato soup.  After seeing every one's brown-er gourgeres online today,  I decided to try my frozen cheese puffs for dinner tonight.  These ones were smaller ... closer to the recommended 1 Tablespoon of dough.  They held up their shape a tad better, too.  When I put them in the oven, I kept the oven at 425* for 5 minutes before turning it down to 375*. (Recipe says to turn the oven down to 375* right when you put the dough into the oven.)  And then I baked them longer as well. 

The verdict: I liked them even more!  The flavor was the same, of course, but I liked the outside of them better when they were a bit more crispy.  They definitely weren't hard, but more like a nice crusty bread.  The insides were still just as moist.

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