Monday, October 25, 2010

Young Women Manual 2 Lesson 40: Self-Mastery

Yesterday I taught Young Women lesson 40 from manual 2: Self-Mastery.  I began my lesson with a stack of canned food on my table.  I used the little scenerio from Angela's Lesson Helps, but instead of putting chains on a doll (I don't have many chains lying around my house!), I had one of my girls fill a backpack with canned food. 

For quick reference, here is the scenerio that I got from Angela's Lesson Helps:

"The other day at school during lunch she and her friends were gossiping about this girl in their history class. Then she went home from school and knew she had a ton of homework and chores to do, but decided to sit in front of the TV all day. Then that night on the phone with her friend she used a bad word (which had been coming out of her mouth more and more lately). Her mother asked her if she had finished all her homework and she told her mom “yes” even though she hadn’t. She went to bed late and was too tired to wake up for seminary and so she just slept through it. She wasn’t prepared for her test, so she ended up cheating off the kid that she sat next to."

Instead of making a poster with this statement...

We sow our (thoughts), we reap our (actions)

We sow our (actions), we reap our (habits)

We sow our (habits), we reap our (character)

We sow our (character), we reap our (destiny)

... I just wrote the phrase on the chalkboard before class (leaving blank spaces where we would need to fill-in the words) and then randomly put the following word stips on the chalkboard with magnets.

Here are the word strips with a shadowed block letter font:

Man 2 Lesson 40 Self Mastery Chalkboard Activity

If you are teaching this lesson close to Halloween, here are the same word strips with a Frankenstin font:  :)

Man 2 Lesson 40 Self Mastery Chalkboard Activity 2

I used THIS super cute handout that I found on Sugardoodle's website.  You can print the handout as a 4x6 or there is also a page of handouts available.  The available page of handouts didn't work for my needs,  so I made my own page of handouts:

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Sunny said...

Thanks so much for these ideas! I like the idea about the backpack because I don't have many chains around my house either and we have used the saran wrap idea and thread idea already in our class for other lessons. I get to teach the lesson tomorrow so I'm using the cute frankenstein font you put up. thanks again. I loved reading about you and your family on your blog.


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