Monday, October 18, 2010

Young Women Manual 2 Lesson 39: Preventing Disease

Yesterday I taught all the Young Women in my ward lesson 39 from manual 2, Preventing Disease.  I must admit that I didn't have the greatest attitude about this lesson.  I think because of the circumstances of the girls I teach and the conveniences we are blessed with (like clean, running water), the basics of this lesson are a nice reminder, but not something that I felt we needed to spend an hour going over.  But I felt like we could maybe go more in depth on a few topics.

Toward the beginning of my lesson, I showed this video:

CDC Video Player. Flash Player 9 is required. CDC Video Player. Flash Player 9 is required.

I felt like the video gave some good tips and reminders.  All of the videos on the Center for Disease Control website can be downloaded to a computer, laptop or portable devices such as an i-pod.  I believe that their videos are set-up so that if you play it once on your laptop (or another portable device) and then leave the website up, you don't need an internet connection to watch the video again.  CDC-TV has a wide variety of videos available ... Everything from the flu to vaccines to exercising to violence.  You may want to take a few minutes to watch a few videos and choose the one that best suits the needs of the girls you will be teaching.

I used the following word strips for the "chalkboard discussion":

Man 2 Lesson 39 Preventing Disease Chalkboard Activity PDF

Towards the end of the lesson, I had my husband (he's a dentist) come in to talk about proper brushing, flossing & oral hygiene.  He brought props, photographs of healthy & unhealthy mouths, etc.  If you have a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant in your ward, they could do something similar for your lesson.  Or if you don't want to take the dental route, a nurse, OB/GYN, and others in a health profession might be an interesting addition to your lesson.

My husband started his presentation with this quiz ... feel free to use it, too, if you'd like:

Man 2 Lesson 39 Preventing Disease Dental Quiz

Here are the answers to his quiz:

Man 2 Lesson 39 Preventing Disease Dental Quiz - Answer Key

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The Smith Family said...

Thank you for this. Seriously, I can't believe there are people so kind to take their time to post this kind of stuff. Please know this is truly appreciated!

~SHERI said...

Yes, thank you! You just saved my lesson. First time looking at your blog, and I love it. Keep up the good work. :)

Rikelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing your printables! I just found out I was teaching this lesson and you really saved me today. Thank you Thank you!!

Jared, Leni, Cole and Rylee said...

Thanks so much!! you are awesome :) i love your ideas..i'll have to use it on my lesson this sunday.

Jaime said...

You helped me out so much. My lesson will be so much better thanks to you.


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