Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cherry Red Cheeks

Before we left for the zoo yesterday, I couldn't find our sunscreen.  I thought I had checked everywhere ... well, I later found-out I checked everywhere except my purse.  Maybe it's kinda weird to carry sunscreen in your purse, but not so weird if you live in AZ.  And if you have a very fair-skinned, red-headed boy, sunscreen is a must-have ... at all times.  Anyways, couldn't find the sunscreen, so on our way to the zoo we stopped at our local Super Wal-Mart to buy more sunscreen.  I stood on the sunscreen isle, looked at SPF's, considered several brands & possibilities for about 15 minutes cause my Turkey has funny reactions to sunscreen.

I ended up selecting a spray-on sunscreen cause they're quick & easy to apply.  And then I saw this:
It was about $11 for a relatively small tube of sunscreen, but it looked like a good product and I can't really put a price tag on that soft baby skin esp when he's got parents that are prone to lots of moles, freckles & skin cancer runs in his genes.  I grabbed it & we were off to the zoo.

Today, this is what Turkey looked like when he woke up:

Do you see those cherry red cheeks?  That's not a sunburn!  That's a reaction to the "face" sunscreen.  You better believe that stuff went right back to Wal-Mart today!  And when the lady in customer service asked if it had been opened & used, my hubby said, "Yup, only once," while pointing to Turkey's face. 

So, I'm not sure what does this to his face, but every sunscreen I've tried except Nu-Skin's Sunright does this.  The only stuff that sold in stores that isn't quite is bad is Trader Joe's sunscreen.  Any ideas?

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Paradise Found said...

I've had a problem with Aveeno face moisturizer also. Not sure which one except that it had sunscreen in it. I had a burning sensation when I would put it on and I'd be slightly red all day. I have a face wash of theirs that is super mild and I love it, but can't do their creams... funny. I don't have sensitive skin either. We love the stick sunscreen for faces. Have you tried that? And it's great for purses since it doesn't melt as easy and it's small. Miles is sensitive to creams getting in his eyes or nose and the stick stuff stays put even when rubbed, in water or sweat. Your poor little Turkey! Want to kiss those rosy cheeks :(


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