Saturday, May 15, 2010

O America!

I know that some of your are probably so sick & tired of hearing & reading about the EVMCO choir & symphony, reading my posts about upcoming concerts, etc.  But I really just do not know how to express to you in words what you are missing-out on if you don't attend our upcoming concert on Friday night.  I wish you could've all been a fly on the wall today at our 4-hr rehearsal & heard what I heard!  I know it's a busy time of year and that everyone has a lot going on, but please make an effort to attend this concert.  It is going to be an OUTSTANDING evening.  The EVMCO symphony is the. best. symphony. that I've ever played with.  The symphony will be playing Rhapsody in Blue with Julliard-trained Brandon Stewart on the piano.  William Joseph will be playing a few songs with us including Led Zepplin's Kashmir.   The Sunbeam Choir will capture your hearts and the adult choir will send chills down your spine.  There will be fiddling, banjos, soloists, and all kinds of other fun entertainment. Come support the arts in our community.  Come support me & other people you know who are performing Friday night.

Tickets are ONLY $15-25!!  Get your tickets online:  Our last concert was sold-out, so don't delay buying yourself a couple seats!! If you choose to have your tickets held at Will Call, show-up early because there may be some long times. 

I promise you that you will not be disappointed if you choose to attend our concert.  We will knock your socks off!!  If you've attended one of EVMCO's concerts in the past, please leave a comment & share your experience with other's who may be doubting how great this organization is.  I think this will be our best & most entertaining concert yet!!!

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