Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trying to Recover

I'm still recovering from Friday night.  I think when I do something big like that (EVMCO Concert), I run, run, run all week and then just totally crash for a few days.  I wish I could've relaxed more over the weekend.  I think I got into bed around 2am Friday night and then sweet Turkey was up by 6am, so Saturday I felt like a walking zombie & I was CRAN-KY!  Plus I had to go sit in meetings with dental brokers for 3 hours....blah.  Sunday was a bit more relaxing & yesterday my biggest job was Peacock's hair since it had been neglected for the last several weeks.

On the job front, we're still plugging away.  One job was ready for a commitment from us, but we aren't ready to commit to anything yet.  We want to make sure we've explored all our options before we commit because we are looking for something we can commit to for 20+ years.  Not only do we have to make sure Daddy's happy at work, but that we're living somewhere that we feel good about raising our kiddies, which means we might not take the greatest & bestest job out there.  I think both sides are going to have to compromise a bit.  I feel hopeful.  We have some good options.

I leave you today with some photos of my concert.  We won't say where these photos came from since photography probably wasn't "allowed" during the concert, but I was excited to find them in my inbox .... look for white & purple stars to find Penguin & me.

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Paradise Found said...

Such an amazing concert! I was tearing up with the first song. I'm super jealous you played with William Joseph!! His violinist was also phenomenal! I was reminded how much I love music and how much I wish I would have continued practicing these last 10 years, so maybe I could even think to try out for an orchestra like that :) I'm curious what was your favorite piece you got to play? I LOVED them all. Your little Penguin was adorable. I watched her soldier in and sing her little heart out :) Congrats and thanks for telling me about it.


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